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10 Healthiest Counties in Colorado

10 Healthiest Counties in Colorado

Does CBD in Colorado make its Residents Healthier?

No matter your views or methods to achieve optimal health, one thought is universally accepted: prevention is the best medicine. At Colorado’s Finest CBD, we know this to be true. Most of the time, we can take advantage of nature’s bounty, and our bodies will benefit. Some areas in America have this figured out better than others, and we can learn a lot from them. According to U.S. News and World Report in their recent article, Colorado is in fact the 8th healthiest state in America. These findings were based off of evaluations of public health, including smoking, obesity rate, and mental health. Their data was collected from the CDC.

So, which communities shape up in the Centennial State? We have done our homework and compiled a list of some of the healthiest counties in Colorado, with a little CBD twist. In this article, we will explore activities and habits from the healthiest counties in Colorado. We will also take a look at the current production and usage of CBD in Colorado. How does that relate to the overall health of a population? Read on to find out. Did your county make the cut?

10. Denver County

Number ten on our list is Denver County, known as the Mile High City. Denver is where outdoor adventure meets urban sophistication. Residents and visitors can enjoy the hopping city scene or venture into the great outdoors to renew balance with nature’s landscape and beauty.

The Denver bike trail spans almost 200 miles, connecting with several parts of Denver, including Red Rocks Park and other landmarks. It also follows along major scenic waterways, away from cars. It’s a great way to get moving while seeing the sites.

In the summer, browse through the Colorado Fresh Market. This award-winning seasonal market features products from Colorado and more. Here you will find local produce, flowers, gourmet, and prepared food. There’s nothing like fresh, simple ingredients to keep your health in check. An added bonus is the live music in the open air to lift your spirits.

9. El Paso County

El Paso County is home to the bustling city of Colorado Springs, the infamous Pike’s Peak, and Garden of the Gods.

There is no shortage of hiking and ways to stay active in El Paso County. Pikes Peak dominates the county’s skyline, a constant invitation to visitors and residents. Wander through Pike National Forest after you check out Manitou Springs’ historic district. Looking for a challenge? Hike up nine miles on Pike’s Peak via the Cog Railway. It’s a great leg burner!

There is also ample opportunity to shop local and shop healthy with multiple farmer’s markets running throughout the year.

8. Arapahoe County

Arapahoe County is the third most populous county in Colorado, with most residents living in Englewood, Littleton, and Aurora. The county was named for the Arapaho Native Americans who once lived there.

Rich history and scenery prevail in this county. Cherry Creek State Park offers 880 acres of natural prairie and wetland. Paddle a boat, go on a hike, or both!

Take advantage of local healthy cuisine by visiting some of the sustainably sourced restaurants like Modern Market Eatery. This gem in Centennial boasts whole, clean, convenient dishes. They have several locations all over the state. Or, wander through the farmer’s markets to grab local produce and artisan goods.

7. Routt County

Coming in at number seven is Routt County. Steamboat Springs is the county seat, and is internationally known as a winter ski resort destination. Telluride, Estes Park, and Vail are some of the larger cities. Ski enthusiasts from near and far frequent the resort on Mount Werner. What a fun way to get your body moving! Fun fact, Steamboat Springs has produced more Olympic athletes than any other town in North America.

6. Summit County

Summit County was one of the seventeen original Colorado counties, named for the many mountain summits in the area. Larger cities include Crested Butte and Silverthorne. According to the Summit Daily, residents of Summit County enjoy a life expectancy of 88 years for women and 85.5 for men, the longest of any county in the United States!

Summit includes the well-known communities of Copper Mountain and Breckenridge, locations that beg to be trekked and explored.

5. Pitkin County

Pitkin County boasts the second longest life expectancy in the nation! It is also home to a little place called Aspen, the county seat. Folks in the area can enjoy skiing or get in some scenic hikes in White River National Forest.

From mid-June to September locals have made a tradition of perusing the Aspen Farmer’s Market in search of produce and artisan goods.

4. Eagle County

Eagle County is named after the Eagle River, which runs through the county. Summit, Pitkin, and Eagle Counties have the first, second, and third longest life expectancies in America, respectively. This is much attributed to the active lifestyles of residents and availability of quality food.

Residents and visitors can also stroll through shops and restaurants in Eagle’s historic downtown. Eagle boasts amazing trails and trekking routes, situated just two hours from Denver. Fishing, camping, and kayaking can also be enjoyed along the Eagle and Colorado Rivers.

3. Jefferson County

Jefferson County is located along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, and is named for the third U.S. president, Thomas Jefferson. Some of the largest towns are Arvada, Golden and Westminster.

Plenty of outdoor adventure can be found in Lost Creek Wilderness, Pike National Forest, or in the wildlife refuge. Day hike the trails around Evergreen, or explore the caverns of Colorado.

2. Douglas County

The second healthiest county on our list is Douglas County, named for Senator Stephen Douglas. The largest communities are Parker, Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch.

Several recreational trails and state parks can be explored in Douglas County including Castlewood Canyon, a moderate trek most fitness levels can enjoy.

1. Boulder County

Drum roll please! Boulder County comes in as the number one healthiest county in Colorado. Larger cities include Longmont and Niwot. According to multiple sources, it’s not only the healthiest county, but also the fittest and happiest! What is their secret?

Colorado in general has no shortage of activities to encourage movement. This has fostered a culture of health mindfulness and a focus on vitality and longevity for most of the population.

It also happens to be the home base of Colorado’s Finest CBD. The best CBD in Colorado. Coincidence? I think not.

Themes of Healthy Living in Colorado: Movement and Nutrition

What do these cities, in general, have figured out? Ways to move your body, resources for high-quality nutrition, and activities with friends and family are encouraged across the state. Residents have ample access to nature and mild weather, which intices activity. 

Usage and Production of CBD in Colorado

In addition to an easily accessible active and healthy lifestyle, residents of Colorado enjoy relaxed legality over hemp-derived products. CBD products still live in a gray area in many states. Fortunately for Coloradoans, the laws over hemp derived CBD are clearly legal.

So, how much does CBD factor in to the health of a city? The triple threat of healthy movement, relationships, and nutrition builds a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle, no matter where you live. What else is needed? We at Colorado’s Finest CBD know and live by these foundational principles of healthy living. We also know a little secret: a daily CBD regimen can also help maintain consistent health. This is known as homeostasis.

CBD Benefits

An article published by UCLA Health states in the early 1990’s the endocannabinoid system was discovered, and scientists soon began to realize how cannabis played a role in its regulation. CBD, in short, mimics our endocannabinoids to maintain homeostasis, or harmony within our body.

Your Health and CBD

So, we will let you decide if there is a strong connection between optimal health and CBD usage. The fact remains that Coloradoans enjoy the longest lifespan of any population in America and the most relaxed hemp laws. This link to longevity and vitality is almost undeniable.