Which CBD Product is Right for me?

Which CBD product is right for me? The growing size of the CBD market has given consumers a huge range […]

What is CBD?

Holistic Wonder? More and more studies continue to point to the underlying cause of many ailments as due to a […]

10 Healthiest Counties in Colorado

Does CBD in Colorado make its Residents Healthier? No matter your views or methods to achieve optimal health, one thought […]

Refreshing Strawberry CBD Lemonade

Summer is in full swing, and this is a time to celebrate! Maybe in small gatherings? Whether you are going out or staying in, this strawberry CBD lemonade is the perfect complement to a sweltering summer day

The Endocannabinoid System

Understanding the Endocannabinoid System Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD is currently taking the world by storm. It’s become a powerhouse […]

The History of CBD

CBD is the latest craze sweeping across the nation. It seems this market is flooded with companies small and large, […]

How CBD is Made

Colorado’s Finest from Farm to Bottle In the heart of Colorado, near the Rocky Mountains, grows a plant with almost […]

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FDA Statement – Footer

The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these […]

Cooking with CBD… in your favorite recipe!

Cooking with CBD Reaching far beyond a trend, we are officially seeing more acceptance of the CBD craze. We are […]

Pets and CBD

Pets and CBD: Not just for Humans Studies are uncovering a growing number of positive effects from CBD* treatment on […]

CBD Myths

Common Myths about Hemp With the CBD market making an exciting entrance into the world of holistic uses, there are […]

CBD Products

CBD Products: CBD for Beginners CBD is now gaining a lot of attention for its holistic uses.* Know Before you […]


NOT JUST FOR HUMANS CBD PET CARE Support for CBD products is growing to a fever pitch, and for good […]

Colorados Finest Advantage

THE COLORADO’S FINEST ADVANTAGE Colorado’s Finest sets itself apart from all of the industrial CBD producers by utilizing our proprietary […]

Customer Review

My RA physician recommended I try CBD and it has helped more than I could imagine! Quick shipping and awesome […]

Full Spectrum Potential

CBD YOU CAN TRUST After harvest, only the best plants are soaked in a plant based solvent. This maintains the […]

The Power to heal

CBD is short for cannabidiol, derived from the hemp plant. It is non-psychoactive, unlike it’s sister, THC. Discovered in the […]

We make amazing products 2

Our CBD can be purchased in different forms– tinctures and topicals. We know that our customers take daily doses of […]

We make amazing products.

Farmed, cultivated, and thoughtfully processed, our customers are discovering why Colorado’s Finest is so good.We maintain a simple production approach […]


Colorado’s Finest, is just that — the finest CBD product you will find. Our mission: Using proprietary techniques, customers are […]

Find the Perfect Product for your needs.

Find the Perfect Product for your health needs We can guarantee the purity and potency of our products–we test each […]