Frequently Asked CBD Questions

Q: Is CBD legal?

Yes — CBD oil derived from hemp is legal. It is considered a food-based product by the Food and Drug Administration, so it is allowed to be bought, sold, imported, exported, and consumed. Colorado is one of the few states which has legalized the growing of hemp.

Q: How does CBD work?

Your body’s endo-cannabinoid system plays a critical role in the basic functions of the immune and nervous systems. CBD stimulates and balances this system which controls pain-sensation, memory, appetite, mood, and more.

Q: What dosage is best for me?

Since Colorado’s Finest is a dietary supplement, dosage varies from person to person. Naturally, you’ll do your homework and ask questions, but ultimately, the best way to zero-in on your appropriate dosage is to try a modest amount at first. You could start with 15 or 30 mg per day and see how it feels after a few weeks, then adjust from there. Colorado’s Finest products can be purchased with potency up to 1500mg bottle. Since we lab-test all of our products and are sure of their potency, we offer a money-back guarantee on every purchase.

Q: What is the difference between marijuana and hemp?

Hemp and marijuana are both offspring of the cannabis genus (a class of plants divided into subordinate species having certain common attributes) but are not the same plant. They have differing attributes and are grown for different purposes. Hemp is largely derived from cannabis sativa, while marijuana can be produced from other sub-genuses of cannabis sativa — cannabis indica, or cannabis ruderalis. Most hemp is fibrous and sturdy, with long stalks and few flowering buds. Marijuana types of cannabis are usually more diminutive and are bred to produce as many flower buds as possible. Marijuana is produced with a singular purpose — to maximize the amount and concentration of THC. Hemp has high amounts of CBD but only trace amounts of THC which means you cannot get high using it. It is used primarily for protein and medicinal remedies, oil, and its fibrous attributes make it perfect for use making rope, polymers, clothing, bricks, and much more.

Q: Do you use pesticides?

No — We use ladybugs to rid our plants of pests.

Q: Will I get “high” when I take CBD?

No — CBD is not psychoactive.